Do you drink water if you are hungry, thinking filling up your stomach with volume, will drink away your hunger or do you restrict the necessary intake leaving your body without adequate calories? Let’s see what happens to us when we are constantly starving ourselves.

• Metabolic rates decrease by 40%, with lower metabolic rate it becomes difficult to lose weight, as your body burns lesser calories.

• The biological chemicals that regulate appetite also have direct effect on mood, state of mind and energy. It results in irritability, moodiness, depression and lack of concentration.

• Eating style changes, you can be obsessed with food.

• Bulimia, an eating disorder, can result (you have a binge and then feel the compulsive need to get rid off the food consumed).

Food is not the enemy. You just need to restrict few calories without changing your eating pattern. There are some days that you may be just hungrier, and learning that this is perfectly fine is the goal. It does not mean something is wrong or you are a weak person that can’t resist food. You might have had a hard workout earlier, and your body wants a little more food. As simple as that.

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